As a body builder, body sculptor or any athlete in training, you pay close attention to your exercise schedule, and your diet and specific nutrient intake.

With regard to meal preparation, there’s planning to strategically map out what you’re going to eat throughout your day to ensure you get your nutrition intake right. Agreed? And this can be frustrating and boring…

If you’re a serious body builder, or simply looking to improve your body muscle mass, the ease and convenience of adding whey protein power to your diet could help.

Whey protein powder supplementation offers an effective way to build muscle mass and muscle strength without adding fat or excess calories to your diet.

Athletes, gym goers, fitness fans, and health enthusiasts consume whey protein for three main muscle-driven reasons:

1. Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate provides proteins and amino acids that are the molecular ‘building blocks’ for growing your muscles.

2. Whey protein powder concentrates contain the essential amino acid, Leucine, a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) that triggers muscle protein production and muscle building.

3. Whey protein stimulates more natural anabolic hormones to be released in your body, such as insulin, that support muscle growth.
In addition, muscle strength and mass are improved by whey protein powder due to its fast digestibility and rapid absorption into your body, compared to other protein sources.

To increase your muscle growth and muscle mass, consuming whey protein right before, during or after your workout, is effective.

Plus, whey protein concentrate may offer other health benefits, such as:

• increasing stamina
• improving endurance
• aiding muscle recovery
• reducing recovery times between training sessions
• enhancing athletic performance
• supporting immune system function


Most body builders know that investing in a high-quality whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate supports everything else you do to successfully promote your muscle gain and muscle growth.

As a dedicated body builder, you make conscious food and sport supplement choices every day to build your muscles. Plus, you work out hard and perform strenuous training regimes to enhance your muscle mass and maintain your physique.

In addition to whey protein, eating good clean healthy food is the best way to deliver all the right nutrients to your body. When you eat well, you feel well, which means you have the energy to train better for longer.

While supplements have their place, they should never replace the importance and benefits of a good and proper diet.

The convenience and high quality of Protein Authority’s WPC and WPI protein powder products will help you feel full and stop you feeling hungry. They make an easy meal replacement when mixed with healthy ingredients like fruits and yoghurt.

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